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We want you to be a big part of the success of our Podcast. So we’re going to let you direct us on what shows we do!

You will have two ways to interact with us.

After every 2 episodes of a show, you’re going to get the chance to Cancel the show, or order two more episodes. These votes will only be for 24 hours and will occur on our twitter account. (We’ll also link to them here.) We will also let you select the next show for us to review!

If we do need to select a new show, we will choose from the list you’ve nominated us to look at. The only rules are that the show must have run for no longer than one season and that the show must be easily accessible (Netflix, YouTube, etc.)

We also need more shows to review! If you know of a show that never made it past the first season AND is easily accessible (i.e. Amazon, Hulu, Netflix, etc) You can nominate a show by completing this form below!