TV’s Greatest Sitcoms – A Bracket Challenge – 2017

Rambling Morons and Season 1 Podcast are excited to present the inaugural TV’s Greatest Sitcoms Bracket Challenge featuring the greatest 30 minute sitcoms from the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, and 00’s.

Every few days, you’ll have a chance to vote on a different region and you can follow all the results below.

Updates every minute - View full tournament

Here is the voting for the 70’s TV Shows Bracket. You can vote here, or log into twitter to do it.
Round 1
70’s Bracket + Podcast
80’s Bracket + Podcast
90’s Bracket + Podcast
2000’s Bracket (Coming Soon)

We will be providing handicapping and play-by-play of the bracket challenge on our podcast! Make sure to subscribe to it where ever find podcasts are free!