About Us

qgze3386Our Idea

We watch a lot of great television. But what about the shows that were cut way before their time? What about Firefly? What about Freaks and Geeks? What about Manimal? These shows deserve another shot. They deserve another look. We are just the right folks to give them that shot.

Meet the Team

6e589a654ee115cb8d3622916358de8aChris Atkins @orbislame

Chris Atkins has spent his whole life training to be on this podcast, but please don’t raise your expectations. He’s a husband, a father, wishes he was a writer, and pretends to be a llama on the internet. Atkins has previously contributed to the Soundtrack of the Week Podcast and lives in Kansas City.

2015-11-03-16-57-33-1Chris Kamler @thefakened

Chris Kamler is your standard Q-List celebrity. He loves the sound of his own voice and rarely wears pants. He is an author, a columnist,¬†as well as a husband and father. Kamler’s previous podcast “Rambling Morons” once had an episode where he wore a bra. So.. Um.. That’s a thing.